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See what others have said about training with Kinetic Combatives: 

"Not only are Tom's attributes for an explosive application of counter violence off the scale, but he is a quality instructor too - my total endorsement!"

 - Lee Morrison, Urban Combatives Founder

"Tom is highly skilled in both Combatives and shooting, having trained extensively in both for most of his life. Tom's ability commands respect but he's also a knowledgeable and patient teacher, with insight that will make you better. I can't recommend him highly enough!"

              - Richard Nance, WARTAC Combatives, Former SWAT Team leader & Self Defence Editor of Handguns Magazine

"What Tom teaches is very street-orientated, he has an in-depth knowledge of the Urban Combatives curriculum. Highly recommended!"

 - Steve Tomkins,  Founder of UC Croydon & Full Force Combatives


"I have been fortunate enough to train with Kinetic Combatives for the last three years.

Tom is an excellent instructor who manages to get his point across in a very clear and concise manner without talking about himself constantly which in my experience is a common fault among many combat type instructors.

The training is full on and very well constructed with real life scenarios brought into play.
I've taught Boxing and Kickboxing for years and tried most combat sports over the last 25 years, I knew something was missing and for me Kinetic Combatives has filled the gap in my skills. I cant recommend Tom Flint highly enough to anyone looking for combative training."

 - Richard Cheval, 4th Dan Kickboxing Instructor  

"I have been a professional sports coach for more than 30 years, working in the the UK and around the world with some of the top coaches in the game. I would not hesitate to say that for enthusiasm, knowledge of his topic and his coaching skills I would put Tom up there with the best of them."

 - John Wilson, ECB Level 3, Level 3 Fitness & Conditioning, Dip Sports Psychology

You can also check out what people who have trained with us have to say via Google Reviews

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