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Self Defence in Croydon!


Kinetic Combatives is based on the most up to date methods of counter-violence available, methods that have been rigorously tested both inside and outside the gym. The skills we teach have been learned and distilled in order to make them accessible to everyone. Our personal protection skills are direct, powerful and easily recalled under duress. The physical aspect only makes up one facet of our curriculum - which must be addressed should we have no other option and escape is impossible. 


The other essential  facet is a set of personal security measures. These consist of various 'soft skills' that enables us to be aware of and in tune with our environment - with the aim of spotting potential trouble before it develops - giving us the opportunity to avoid and escape, which is always the best option.  


We also address the psychology of violence, enabling students to cope with fear, stress, panic and adrenaline - as these can have a debilitating effect on our ability to operate effectively under stressful conditions.


Unlike Martial Arts, we only deal with real life street encounters and threats to personal safety, and in developing the skills and attributes necessary to deal with the same. We don't train in any methods that cant be used outside the gym should there be no other choice, and escape is impossible. There are no Kata, forms or sporting applications of any kind.

Everything is tested under pressure - so what is passed on to the student has the highest probability of success.


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